CloudCoin is not just joining the Decentralized Finance #defi movement but is creating its own Decentralized CloudCoin Finance ecosystem with the hashtag & ticker  #ccfi. Both CloudCoin, RAIDA, and Binance Smart Chain technologies are taking decentralized finance to a whole new multichain level with us being pioneers, explorers, and leaders, not just followers.

CloudCoin Finance will feature staking, farming & DAO type governance using the Binance Smart Chain based CloudCoin Finance tokens. 

CloudCoin Finance is in the soft launch phase. Get all the details below & involve before anyone else!

The presale campaign has been concluded!

1 to 1 parity with CloudCoin (CC) & CloudCoin Ethereum (CCE) and the swap opportunity CC to CCFI, and CCE to CCFI has ended at the 31st of March 2022!

The CloudCoin Finance project is in BETA LAUNCH phase!

CloudCoin Finance (CCFI) Tokenomics

The tokenomics for the BSC based CloudCoin Finance tokens: total supply - 1,428,160,512 

Strategic/ Private/ Public Sales - 18.5% - this will be the starting circulating supply (264,209,694) 

Team - 7.5% - vested over 36 months starting 1st of August, 2021

Advisors - 4.5% - vested over 36 months starting 1st of August, 2021

Staking/ Farming Rewards - 18% - get rewards in CloudCoin Finance tokens for your crypto assets

Marketing - 6.5%

Exchange Liquidity - 13.75%

Development Fund - 20% 

Exchange Listings, Crosschain, Fees & Expenses - 11.25%

CCFI Listing Timeline

There is started the processes of listing CCFI on exchange. 

CloudCoin Finance ecosystem will also include a CEX - Tezaoro, and a Real Estate Tokenization project - Realto which are built, and will be launched in the near future. Tezaoro, and Realto will use CCFI, and their own native tokens. Details soon, please follow our social media accounts. 

Public sales closed for  CCFI tokens, it is prepared the launch of staking, farming and governance for CloudCoin Finance. 

The CloudCoin Finance tokens (CCFI) are live on 

Binance Smart Chain since 1st of August, 2021.

CloudCoin Finance is a community self - funded project, the way to support it is by purchasing the CCFI tokens. 

Please note that CloudCoin Finance Token is a utility token, it is not a security. No information or estimation from this page can be considered investment advice. Statements about the future of the project are not promises of any kind, there are plans the team is working on which may happen, to be ammended or not happen at all. Please perform your own due dilligence before involving with CloudCoin Finance. 

The website is in development, more features are added constantly!

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