CloudCoin Finance is opening the world for a new generation of decentralized #defi ecosystems by using both blockchain & RAIDA post-blockchain technology - it is the world's first!

CloudCoin Finance tokens - ticker CCFI

Token Address - 0x3439BaA16Ad653f644fB9F1781113d80590542a5

Token link - - the link has to be updated with info as the project evolves. 

CloudCoin Finance Tokens create a bridge between blockchain, through Binance Smart Chain and post blockchain technology RAIDA, already patented in US - here is the Medium article about the patent

Here is an article about how to add CloudCoin Finance tokens to your Metamask crypto wallet in 3 easy steps. If you use Trustwallet, the procedure is similar. 

CloudCoin Finance tokens will be staked, farmed & used for the self-governance of the platform. The staking/ farming rewards pool counts as 18% of the total supply. CCFI is a multi-chain, cross-chain digital asset, built on Binance Smart Chain with multiple integrations with other networks so it is very easy to be adopted by platforms, marketplaces & exchanges. CloudCoin Finance (CCFI). CCFI has a fixed supply which can't be increased according to the smart contract, and it is also burnable so the supply could be lowered in the future if necessary, but this is not a priority. 

The tokenomics for the BSC based CloudCoin Finance tokens: total supply - 1,428,160,512 

Strategic/ Private/ Public Sales - 18.5% - this will be the starting circulating supply (264,209,694) 

Team - 7.5% - vested over 36 months starting 1st of August, 2021

Advisors - 4.5% - vested over 36 months starting 1st of August, 2021

Staking/ Farming Rewards - 18% - get rewards in CloudCoin Finance tokens for your crypto assets

Marketing - 6.5%

Exchange Liquidity - 13.75%

Development Fund - 20% 

Exchange Listings, Crosschain, Fees & Expenses - 11.25%

What is RAIDA?

Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents. The RAIDA is a global counterfeit detection system that is indestructible and cannot be tampered with or hacked. Neither nuclear bombs, comet strikes, world wars, dictatorships, or hackers can bring down the RAIDA. It is quantum safe, self-healing, simple, fast, and reliable. 

Comparison between RAIDA and blockchain

What are both?

Blockchain and the RAIDA are both databases.

Data supremacy

Blockchain and the RAIDA both have data supremacy and cannot be brought down. The only other database in the world with data supremacy is the root DNS system.

Business rules

Blockchain allows you to insert and read data. Updating and deleting data is not possible. The RAIDA makes it impossible to read, insert, or delete records. The RAIDA only allows updates.

Physical integrity

Blockchain gains its physical integrity from being mirrored on thousands of "mining" servers. The RAIDA gets its physical integrity from being shredded and sent to twenty-five independent clouds locating in different geopolitical jurisdictions worldwide.

Data centralization

Blockchain centralized its data on one public blockchain. The RAIDA does not centralize the data. With RAIDA, the data in the files are private. This data is only known to and owned by the user.  Bits of each file are shredded and distributed among twenty-five clouds so that each cloud receives different data, which is meaningless and holds no value by itself.


Blockchain requires every user to have an account on a public ledger and have public and private keys to access permissions. The RAIDA has no ledger. 


Blockchain is pseudonymous. The RAIDA is 100% anonymous.


Blockchain requires transactions to be synchronized over the servers of thousands of miners and trades very slowly. The RAIDA authenticates files in parallel and takes less than 2 seconds.


Blockchain is not scalable. The larger it gets, the slower it gets. The RAIDA is scalable and can handle many millions of transactions every day.

Electricity and bandwith

The blockchain network uses terabytes of electricity comparable to the energy used by a small country. The entire RAIDA network uses less electricity than the average home. Blockchain must use huge amounts of bandwidth to synchronize. The RAIDA uses extraordinarily little bandwidth.


Blockchain charges fees. RAIDA has no fees.

Coin loss

When you lose cryptocurrencies on the blockchain, they are lost forever. RAIDA allows lost files to be retrieved. 


Blockchain uses a private key that has systemic risk of theft. Blockchain is too big to be placed on most desktop and phone computers, so keys must be stored by other people with servers increasing the risk of theft. The RAIDA has no accounts, and theft can be mitigated. The files can be stored on any device.

Account setup

Blockchain requires much time to setup an account. The RAIDA does not require accounts. 


Blockchains often have a dynamic amount of coins that can be mined, thus creating inflation. RAIDA has a fixed amount of files, and there is no inflation.

Data & Logic

Blockchain combines both logic and data, which constrains what can be done with it. RAIDA separates data from logic. This is incredibly significant and results in things like the files being able to cross over from the real word into virtual reality, video games, computer programs, spreadsheets, etc. and then be brought back into the real world. This increases value by increasing the usefulness many times over.

Quantum safety

Blockchain uses public key encryption that is not quantum-safe, according to the US NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). RAIDA is quantum-safe in both storage and transportation. RAIDA does not require encryption to store since it is shredded, and RAIDA can be transported using AES encryption that is quantum-safe according to the NIST. 

Future role

Blockchain was the first digital currency technology. RAIDA is the last because no others are needed to accomplish the purpose, and nothing could be better.​