Binance Smart Chain (BSC) based CloudCoin Finance tokens have functional bridges to the following blockchains: Ethereum, Heco, OKExChain, NULS, NERVE. These are the first steps towards the goal for CCFI to become a multi-chain, cross-chain digital asset connecting the blockchain, and the post blockchain world.

You need to go to, it will connect with your Metamask, you will choose CCFI from the currencies and you will be able to move your tokens from one chain to the other, only gas fees are required, these simulations were made for example purposes:

# from BSC to ETH — 10,000 CCFI fee = 0.26 BNB, 100,000 CCFI fee = 0.31 BNB, 1,000,000 CCFI fee = 0.33 BNB, 10,000,000 = 0.35 BNB (the gas fees on ETH blockchain are pretty high, and very dynamic, but it is a very valuable integration, and look at how small is the difference between 10k CCFI & 10 mil.

# from BSC to HECO — 10,000 CCFI fee = 0.0022 BNB, 10,000,000 CCFI fee = 0.0024 BNB

# from BSC to OKEx — 10,000 CCFI fee = 0.0023 BNB, 10,000,000 CCFI fee = 0.0023 BNB

# from BSC to NULS — 10,000 CCFI fee = 0.002 BNB, 10,000,000 CCFI fee = 0.0019 BNB

# from BSC to Nerve — 10,000 CCFI fee = 0.00075 BNB, 10,000,000 CCFI fee = 0.00075 BNB

Also the gas fees are dynamic for HECO, OKEx, NULS & Nerve but they are very low comparing to ETH).

More integrations will come. Here is an article about how to add CloudCoin Finance tokens to your Metamask crypto wallet in 3 easy steps. If you use Trustwallet, the procedure is similar.