CloudCoin Finance is in the development mode, it is part of the first startup incubation batch of TOMORROWERSE CAPITAL - February - March 2023. 

Board of Directors

Paul Coste - Chief Operating Officer - Linkedin profile

Adrian Niculescu - Chief Marketing Officer - Linkedin profile

Executive Board

Jeffery Dap - Executive Business Development

Steven Wagner - Executive

Erik Herman - Executive Graphic Designer

Marketing Team

Patrick Gawenda - Content Writer

Dominique Gawenda - Content Writer 

Advisory Board

Daven Michaels -  Linkedin profile

Richard M. Holmes - Linkedin profile

The page will be updated with the development team, the marketers & advisors. All profiles added are real  ones. Don't be shy & say hi!

If you think that can add value to CloudCoin Finance, we are hiring! Just e-mail your CV to 

Incubated, accelerated, and funded by TOMORROWERSE Capital